Product Defects


Every year thousands of people are harmed and severely injured as a result of defective or faulty products.

The legal recourse you may have depends on the type of product that caused the harm and potentially how the harm occurred and in it what manner.

Under California law, an injured person may have a potential cause of action under Strict Product Liability if the plaintiff can show that he or she was harmed by a product that was distributed, manufactured, or sold by the defendant and the product contained a manufacturing defect or was defectively designed, did not include sufficient instructions or warnings of potential safety hazards.

Alternatively, an injured person may have a claim for negligence as a result of injuries suffered from defective products if they can show.

  • That the defendant either designed, manufactured, supplied, installed, inspected, repaired, rented the product
  • That the defendant was negligent in either designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing, inspecting, repairing, renting the product; · That plaintiff was harmed
  • That the defendant’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s harm. 

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